Social Education Environmental Development Founded in 2012.

About Us

Founded in 2012, SEED (Social Education Environmental Development) Pakistan is a non-profit organization, created to improve the lives of ordinary people by helping with the challenges the nation faces today. It is our core objective to work for the common man in our country, to uplift and elevate their standard of living.

SEED aims to be a platform for empowering Pakistani youth by providing means to education and vocational training. We will also engage with communities to provide Safe Drinking Water to underprivileged areas and to promote the importance of education. Ultimately, SEED Pakistan aims to create develop human resources for the benefit of Pakistani society as a whole.
SEED Pakistan is composed of like-minded individuals who wish to contribute to society. Developed as a Trust and registered with the Sub-Registrar of Government of Sindh, it is overseen by a Board of Governors responsible for development of strategies and management of its policies through an executive team.

Problem Statement

Pakistan, as a developing nation with 57% of its population under the age of 25 years, is a land of immense opportunity and potential. Unfortunately, due to public and private sector mismanagement since the country’s founding, Pakistan does not offer adequate educational opportunities for its young population. Today this is our biggest challenge.

Our Initiatives

SEED Pakistan aims to carry out its mission through three distinct but interrelated arms of operation. These arms are known as SEED EDU, SEED TECH, and SEED CARE. Each arm has a specific focus and a dedicated team working towards achieving our goals.

SEED TECH focuses on providing technical education and vocational training to youths from underprivileged backgrounds.

SEED Pakistan work on this fields.