Seerat-ul-Nabi Program G-10 Campus

Seerat-ul-Nabi Program G-10 Campus

Seerat-ul-Nabi Program G-10 Campus

Confidence and general knowledge is very important for the growth of any student. Therefore

SEED Pakistan has organized such events / activities to promote Pakistan’s cultural and Islamic days, this Rabi-ul-Awwal SEED Pakistan started Seerat-ul-Nabu talks in daily assembly and with reference to the big day organized Seerat-ul-Nabi competition in different schools.

Topics for the Inter-School Speech Competition

Following are the topics on which students will prepare themselves:

  1. Seerat-e-Nabwi (SAWW)
  2. Nabi Pak (SAWW) ka dushmano se Husn-e-Salook
  3. Khusosiyat-e-Umm-ul-Momineen
  4. Fatah-e-Makka mein Sahaba-e-Ikram ka Kirdaar
  5. Hazur (SAWW) Ke ikhlaq
  6. Hazur ka akhri KHUTBA

Main Objectives/ outcome

  1. To encourage student’s confidence for their talent.
  2. To enhance the speaking power of our students.
  3. To educate students on the importance of the holy month of Rabi-ul-Awal.
  4. To provide an opportunity to the students to express their hidden talent.
  5. To improve the quality of education by appraising the communication skills.

Jury Panel

A 4 member jury panel was established to ensure the quality of Naat and Speech delivery.:

  1. Asif Masood (Program Manager SEED Pakistan)
  2. Madum Shaheen (HM)
  3. Mahwish (Senior teacher by SEED)
  4. Shahida Perveen

Proceeding of the Ceremony

09:00 AM Qirat by Jaweria Ghulam
09:20 AM Welcome note by Host By Miss Sadia
09:25 AM Naat by G-10 student By Omaima (Class VII-A)
09:30 AM Speech by G-10 student By Rabia Mushtaq (Class VIII-B)
09:35 AM Naat by KTS-06 Student By Swera(Class III)
09:45 AM Speech by KTS-06 student by Areesha Ishtiaq (Class IV-B)
09:50 AM Naat by G -10 Student By Hina (Class VII)
09:55 AM Speech by G -10 student By Irfana (Class IX-A)
10:00 AM Naat by G-10 student by Areeba (Class VI-A)
10:05 AM Speech by G-10 student By Areesha (Class IX-A)
10:10 AM Naat by KTS-15 student By Areesha (Class IV)
10:15 AM Speech by KTS – 15 student By Bushra (Class IV –A)
10:20 AM Naat by KTS-15 student By Rozia (Class IV – B)
10:25 AM Speech by KTS-15 student Jia Nizam (Class V-A)
10:30 AM Naat by KTS – 6 student By Sidra (Class III)
10:35 AM Speech KTS – 15 student By Shahnaz ( Class IV-B)
10:40 AM Naat by KTS-6 student By Anus (Class V)
10:45 AM Speech by KTS-15 student By Ameen Khalid (Class V-A)
10:50 AM Naat by G-10 student By Rubab (Class VIII)
10:55 AM Speech by KTS-15 student By Erum shahid (Class IV-B)
11:00 AM Speech by Mr. Asif About SEERAT-UL-Nabi
11:30 AM Prize Distribution


(Naat Competition)
First Position G-10 Hina (Class VIII-A)
Second Naat G10 Omaima (Class VI- A)
First Prize Naat KTS-6 Erum (Class IV-B)
Second Prize Naat KTS-6 Anus (Class V)
First Prize Naat KTS 15 Ameen Khalid (Class V-A)

(Speech Competition)

First Speech G-10 Areesha (Class IX – A)
Second Speech G-10 Irfana (Class IX—A)
First Prize Speech KTS-6 Areesha Ishtiaq (Class IV-A)